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This is the location to discuss general house boat items. You can register yourself, but PLEASE include a valid E-Mail address when you register and if you change your address please update it in the Blog profile.

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House Boat Scheduling

House Boat SchedulingItems related to Scheduling


Here you will find the Blog for Scheduling. It was suggested that we do a "GO TO MEETING" in the last annual meeting. It is NOT BEYOND capabilities here to do the selecting here on the bulitin board. Scince the order of the picks is set, I could post a calendar and then update the calendar as soon as the person has posted their pick which would be the que for the next group to post their pick. If we started this proces s in late July or early August there is no reason the season could not be picked and done entirely on line. Let me know what you think. Post your comments and we will move forward accordinlgy.

House Boat Maintainace

House Boat MaintenanceItems related to Maintenance


Here would be the location to post items related to House Boat Maintenance. Scheduling, Work Days, Concerns etc.